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“I am an Artist.  I’ve been driven to create from a young age – it is deeply woven into my being.  Sharing the beauty of life, the land and our contribution to the pages of human history is important to me.  I like depicting a moment in time that future generations will look back on and get a sense of who we were and what we liked to do in this time period on earth.  Of course – I am only one small cog and believe strongly in supporting and nurturing other artists on their journey of telling the story from their unique perspective.  I enjoy curating, teaching, jurying, and critiquing, as well as, volunteering. The Impressionists understood the value of surrounding themselves with others with a similar mission.  This is an energizing time in my home-town of McKinney, Texas, where we are striving to emphasize the importance of the arts in our community, and I am thrilled to see it happening in other cities as well!”

- Kelly E. Marra

Black and White Photography by Artist Kelly E. Marra - East on Elm - Sunrise over the McKinney Airport Runway
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