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A Little Figure Drawing

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

A couple of years ago, I started a journey to finish my degree. With three kids at home, I started slowly at first with one class, then two, and I returned as a full time student last year. What fabulous timing with the new art building opening at the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design, or, UNT CVAD. My focus is Drawing and Painting.

Construction Workers on Tall Scaffolding at UNT CVAD Photograph by Kelly E. Marra
UNT CVAD Under Construction in Some Areas

Capturing Quick Poses of the Model by Kelly E. Marra
Charcoal and Conte on Newsprint

I love drawing from a live model! I had really missed that. Studying the human form, which we are so familiar with, trains your eye like nothing else. Working with charcoal and white conte to capture the models quick poses on the example above was invigorating!

Fitting Multiple Poses into One Composition featuring Artist Jacinda by Kelly E. Marra
Black and White Version of the Original Drawing which is in Conte and Charcoal

Male Model Cropped Chest by Kelly E. Marra
Cropped Version of a Charcoal Drawing

The jewelry designer in me loves when the model wears jewelry. It is also fun to add fellow artists into the composition.

Cropped Figure Drawing by Kelly E. Marra 2018-2019
Charcoal and Conte on Paper

Sometimes the professor would give us a challenge to fit the model's poses into one composition, and other times, the model would pose for a long session, with breaks. It is always amazing to me that they can get back into the same position. When the class started, everything else melted away, and I was completely focused. I could do this every day and be very happy.

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